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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Something New for God

The other day I was present as a new parish came into existence in Cincinnati.

The aptly named Church of the Resurrection -- created by the merger of four predominantly but not exclusively African American parishes -- became a parish and celebrated its first liturgy on Sunday, Aug. 1.

The beautiful church was packed for a joyous two-hour Mass. When the congregation sang "Let Us Go Rejoicing," they sounded like they really meant it.

Processional crosses and banners from the four former parishes proceeded the celebrants into the church. Later, holy water from the four were poured into the font of the new parish and congregants were invited to bless themselves with the united water.

"We are here to do something new for God, with God and with one another," Fr. Dennis Chriszt, C.PP.S., pastor of the Church of the Resurrection wrote in the parish's first bulletin. "Together, we can do more than we could apart. Together, we can do great things, and that is what gives me hope!"

There have been some birth pangs; not everyone was pleased by the location of the new parish. There may be growing pains ahead. But from my position in the balcony, observing the first Mass along with the saints on the stained glass windows, it seemed that the Church of the Resurrection got off to a marvelous, grace-filled start.

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